Dave Gibbs

January 29, 2024 by teviotdentalgibbs7897

Dave takes care of the day to day running of all things Teviot Dental and has lately been on reception a lot too, renaming his role as ‘Receptionologyst’!

Dave is a former Army Logistician and Staff Administrator and loves things to be ‘right’. After uniformed service he became Broadcaster with the British Forces Broadcasting Service where he played records and talked a bit. He has seen service all over the world from as South as the Falkland Islands, the arctic circle of Norway, the Far East as well as hot spots in the Middle East making then most of all the opportunities and experiences travel gives you. Being an extrovert and willing to turn his hand to anything, Dave assisted Christiane in purchasing Teviot Dental whist focusing on a positive and family friendly supportive environment for patients and staff alike.


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